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*urgent* strand 520i Batteries?


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we got a job TODAY and were in dire need of a new internal battery in our strand 520i desk..

its NOT the battery for the "normal" computer motherboard section of the internals but the strand section..


The problem is some "cleaver" person realized the battery was dead on the last job, removed the battery, didnt tell us and lost it!

So were "late" and have no idea which to send the office girls to buy!


Who can tell us??


What size we need??


ta muchly in advance!




but bigger problem..

seems that this tech does not know the difference between a button battery and a small round chip which holds the security code for the desks software.


Quick call to STRAND (USA) "fixed" the problem.

the bigger problem is STRAND dont have any.. and dont know if they ever will!


Right, I´m off to glue the ears back onto the tech who took the ear-bashing from the boss...

Silicon for high temperatures should do.. its a little flexible :D

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The security chip is usually epoxy'd down to the CS card... he must have been pretty determined to remove it!


The downside with this, is that the security chip contains the number which gives you access to all your channels/applications.. Even if you can source a new one, getting your channel count and apps back may prove interesting..!

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Yeah after a good chat with strand over the pond,

and a little translation and explanation...


the boss is pretty well convinced the desk is now a very large paperweight and nothing more...

bigger problem is tonights job!

(I know.. its not the attitude but its late and I cant do anything about it.. its a problem for the people with better spanish than mine and who know the other companies in the city... ie.. the spanish, not me!)

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Security chips are available from electrical wholesalers.


Suggest you get hold of one then contact Ken Berren (Strand sales rep for Iberia) or Bill Richards (contact details for both available on Strand website), explain the situation and they may be able to issue you a new password.


Failing that, find the old security chip, if lucky, you will have a STRAND.PAS file on the hard drive in the 220os directory which will contain the password for the applications for your particular console.


Without a security chip you will still have 100 channels to play with so all is not that lost.


Hope this helps.

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