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we have just purchased our first 1+1 per side system of the new HK ConTour array. We are so impressed, we have quoted to use it for a job in cornwall this august. The only snag is we need ideally a 3+3 system due to the venue size (although a 2+2 would do due to low numbers of people) and we can't find any companies that have the ConTour array on their hire list. (Except one, from which we are waiting for a quote.)


Does anybody know of anyone who has even a 1+1 system for hire, ideally (but not limited to) in Lancashire (where we are based) or Cornwall (or on the way down the M6/M5) that has one available, including flying frames if possible?


Dates would be collecting on the 4th or 5th August, returning on the 10th/11th August (although would prefer a local supplier to deliver and collect)


Can anyone help?




From Phil

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