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I've just rebuilt our 520i following a HDD failure. I took the opportunity to do a few other repairs / maintenance / cleaning. Following the reinstall of fresh software from the strand website, I wanted to run the 220test routine but it has not been installed. Any ideas?



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The utility can be had and loaded as a separate file. If I remember correctly it was once emailed to me by a US Strand employee by the name of Charles Coley. Not sure what his status with Strand is these days but you can certainly ask the newbies in L.A. to help. They seem very eager to please. They resolved a server ap password issue for me in just a few minutes. I suppose your mileage may vary since you are 7 or 8 hours ahead. I should also have the file, I will look through my archived items. I'd be surprised if someone on list does not have it at their fingertips. I am curious why it is not part of the later releases. Did they remove it for a reason? We may never know.





John G

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