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Strand Mix 'n' Match OSses


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I'd like to pick the collective brains of blue room if I may:

Should it be possible to mix and match 2.8.5 consoles/pcs/nodes with 2.8.6 consoles/pcs/nodes in a Strand ShowNet network?


I have everything configured right (I think) but at the moment, certain 2.8.6 nodes can't see 2.8.5 which leads me to believe not. If there is somthing special I need to do to make this happen, thoughts would be appreciated.



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I believe it's possible.

We do it out on tour when we plug into the local networks. Without knowing your exact setup I don't think anyone can help.

What consoles what nodes what backups?????? running what software???? How is the 220node.cfg file set up?????



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There should be absolutely no problem with 2.8.5 and 2.8.6 consoles on the network as far as I'm aware.. However I would double check your node software version, as the current release for SN100-104's is 2.8.1, and SN110's is 2.10.8...


edit: corrected software versions

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