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I am about to go to a colllege and get a degree in performance sound but over the summer I would like to try and get some experience with larger sound systems from that I am use too.


I dont want to "use" them I just want to be around them. To be honest I would be more then happy to just load in and out! But I dont know how to get involved! are there any happy campers out there that wish to kick me in the right direction :)


I am willing to pretty much go anywhere!





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You should get in touch with a local crew. These are the people that do the real hard work at a gig, the humping and box-shifting.

This will give you lots of valuable experience and you can get really close to all manner of systems and help set the up.


A quick google will bring up all the big names eg Showstars, Gallowglass, Rock City, Stage Alliance etc

Be prepared to work HARD.


A better idea would be to do some work with a local sound co. Start small, show your enthusiasm and willingness to learn, ask questions and learn.

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Hello all.

I no its a little late now but most uni courses either have work experience modules or maybe even just go down to some of the bigger local rental companies near you like Brit row, entec or cangreen its always worth asking they always need extra crew over the summer. It never hurts to ask mate.



Ps noiseman is completly right trust me 20 hour shifts are fairly usual.

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