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Public Entertainments Lisence?


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I am the theatre technian for an independant school, they have recently had a new theatre space built and to date have just performed a school play for parents and pupils, and had a few music department concerts etc...


Now as a charity event they want to hold a Bands night, involving bands from other schools, and they wish to invit pupils from other schools to the event, now does this mean it is a public event or is it a school event. No one in power seams to have ever considered the need for a public entertainments lisence. The last school I worked at had one as they used the theatre for public events (Studio Theatre NWCS) So I have no idea?


What is needed to obtain one and how long in advance do you have to apply?

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I used to work at an independent school, with a lot of in-school shows, and only occasional public performances. We applied to the borough council for "occasional play" (I think they were called) licences on an ad hoc basis. There was always a minimum 28-day turnaround, and they usually came to inspect just before each licence was approved. Had a very healthy (professional ;) )relationship with our licensing officer just by being up front about what we were up to in the venue, and in your sort of situation would have gone straight to them for advice.


One weirdy thing...We had one show coming in that involved video projection, that the live actors interacted with. Apparently, technically, we should have had an occasional cinema licence for the performance!!!

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