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Roboscan 812 Problem.

Wicked Sounz

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One of my Martin Roboscan 812's seems to have developed a fault but I don't know why. I am hoping someone here maybe able to cast some light on the issue.


It was working perfectly fine, but when I now power up the unit, the it seems to get stuck in the initialisation procedure.

The mirror jerks then stops and the gobo & colour wheels rotate to the stop point and never come out of the 'find home' routine. They just keep on clicking.


I assume that something has gone on the circuit board but I cant understand why. All has been working perfectly well.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Many thanks.



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Are there any switches which tell the unit when any end-stops have been reached? If there are they may be magnetic reed switches and the magnet may have fallen off, of they may be opto switches and there may be some dirt/grime/fluff blocking the light beam.
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I had a similar problem with some 812's quite recently whilst trying to control them via Freestyler, my issue was I had made an error in the control channel and was constantly sending the lamp on/reset command hence why the colour & gobo wheels were doing exactly as you describe. In order for people to assist you further you need to let us know if you are running the fixture in stand alone mode, From either a DMX or Marting Protocol controller or in one of the scanners test modes?

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Thanks for the comments so far.


The wheels appear to reach a stop post and then push against this to indicate their home position. I cannot see anything loose inside or if there are other items which help the wheels sense the home position.


The problem occurs no matter what setting I have the DIP switches set at. It occurs at power up and before the lamp is given the ON command.


The unit is not connected to any controller. I have tried with all DIPs off and with DIPs set for both AutoTrig & MusicTrig.





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I'd definately go with the idea that either a (not looked inside one of these lights so cant say what should be there) switch or magnetic sensor is either not working or there is a mechanical reason that the switch is not being activated....


if its a switch, get a point tester and put the terminals on the switch terminals... press the switch.. should "beep"...


its also a good idea to check out the wiring loom back to the main board from the sensor (or switch).. check its not broken and therefore not alowing the signal to get through... Again, general proding about with a point meter should resolve this...


if its a little magnetic sensor.... first check the magnet hasnt fallen off and that it passes the sensor then try to borrow a sensor from another light or another place in the same light.. if thats broken, the problem should change..


if its any of these problems, RS stock all the parts you need and they are all cheap parts!


If all this seems a little daunting.. call MARTIN for support...


good luck!

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Once again, thanks for the suggestions. I'll call Martin tomorrow & let you all know for future reference.


The Roboscan 812s have no sensors in them for the motors, they rely on a mechanical stop.


To me it sounds like a PCB issue, possibly a faulty chip.

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in which case ignore my post......



Just remebered I had a mac 2000 with a similar error, would reach the end of its focus range and just try to continue untill it timed out...

turned out to be one of the 4 wires connecting the motor was an open circuit...

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