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Hyde Park Calling Sound


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Hiya guys,


I went to this on Saturday night and was very impressed with the sound on both the main stage and stage 3, the Pepsi stage was OK but not great, I was wondering if any of you guys can say what was the main hangs on the main stage and what system they were using in the Pepsi tent. I spoke to the engineer in tent three and said they were using outline, which is a make I had never heard before but I was very impressed with.





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Hi There


I'm normally working there however this year I was only passing through with Peter Gabriel who headlined the staurday we were carrying a digidesign venue the PA and the main stage was as follows:


Main L-R: EV X-Line

Left outhang: Turbosound Flashlight (keeps the park lane residents happy)

Right outhang: EV Xline

Infills and Frontfills: EV 1152's

Centre hang and delays: Outline Butterfly

Subs: EV Xsubs



Ev P3000's Running IRISNET on the XLine

Outline Powersoft amps on all Outline Boxes


The system all controlled via a LAKE Dolby and tablet




2 PM5D Monitors



I imagine that the stage 3 was Outline Butterfly and Outline Subtech 218's and id hazard a guess if the Pepsi tent was the second stage that it was probably Turbo Aspect it has been the past few years ( however im not certain on that one).


All of this including our stuff we were carrying was provided by Brit Row.


Hope thats of vague intrest to you.

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