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Wireless DMX


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One option is to use standard wireless LAN kit and work with artnet. I use Jands Vista from my tablet and use wLan to connect to a cheap Netgear AP and directly into an Artnet box which spits out DMX. Great as a riggers remote.


As you said, the bespoke kit costs a fortune. I've been using Wireless Solution's kit for a while now (Swedish company) and it's pretty good. Uses GSM rather than wLan (more reliable). Talking 5/600 for Trans and 4/500 for receiver.


Spotted this though, not sure about being show-safe though!



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I just been searching about on google (yes I know its 3am and I must go to bed) and just spotted a classic thread


take a read


Now I already have a pair of these units... I know what I will be doing in the workshop tomorrow (or today should I say) :(

IIRC, DMX is a balanced digital signal at upto about 250Kbps.


Basically its only for about 10 mad q scans, couple moving heads and a few other bits off a masterpiece 108 but its definately got me thinking experiment-wise!

Might clean the signal up a bit using some simple schmitt buffer IC's for a solid digital signal, we will wait and see!

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Have a look at my RC4Magic system -- it provides wireless DMX and wireless dimming in very small and inexpensive packages. We've just begun shipping worldwide, including the UK. We already have many satisfied customers in the USA and Canada.





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