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just in the process of upgrading our monitor rig, need opinions from anyone who has used the following units:




Dynacord 15-3 D Lite

Turbosound TXD range

Acoustic Line A6

HK Audio Contour CT/CN 112 or 115


I need four wedges which will be run off 2 x Crown XTI4000 poweramps and I'm looking for something that can do rock band volumes without a struggle. I'm thinking I may not have enough juice to get the best out of the SRX wedge but I'm open to all suggestions.


Cheers :)

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We've got a big (6 pairs) TXD12M rig, and they certainly punch above their weight (and price) in terms of SPL, sound quality, general feedback 'well behavedness' and build quality. Get the black ones though! They're also really light, compact, can be used in pairs effectively and have some really neat features such as the pole mount integrated into the handle, and the way which there is a paralleled speakon on each end of the wedge.


I'm sure the other ones would work well also, and I know that they're not the perfect wedge, but I would be happy to use them in pairs on all but the loudest, most prestigous gigs.





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Aye I've been looking at the TXD range with interest, thanks for that Matt. Hard trying to find the right box for the job.


Hi There,


I purchased the TXD rig Matt is referring to after about 18 months of demoing and testing everything I could get my hands on.


For the Money, the TXD beats every product in its price range and most of the ones that are a bit more. If you need a bit more low end or need to bi-amp go for the 15" version as the 12"'s only run passive. We use Camco Techtons on them and run them at their recommneded power of 600w a box, with a 50hz high pass. You really have to push them very hard to get the amp to go into limit.


If you have more money to spend then I would look at the EM acoustics wedges as well as the new LE series from Martin. The Radian Microwedge is also very good, but you might find the sound is projected upwards too much (which is ideal if the performer is stationary)

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