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Comedy slosh/whitewash

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hiya folks


We're doing Laurel & Hardy in a few weeks and I was wondering if anyone had any good slosh recipes.

We need it to be safe as for comedy value it will be thrown directly at Stan by Ollie (or vice versa - must read the script!)

It also needs to be washable so as not to cause the wardrobe department to go nuts.


Thanks in advance

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For Panto we used to use Courlose (carboxymethylcellulose) which is used as, amongst other things, a food thickening agent so its safe on skin and to swallow. We got a big bag of it from Courtaulds (as it was then) and it literally lasted us for years. Mixing the powder with different amounts of water gave different consistencies. We often coloured it with washable childrens poster paints. Not sure where you could get it from but I'm sure its readily available.



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Natrasol is also a large scale food thickener which is used to make the gunge you see on BBC etc. It can also be bought in bulk and should be easy to find with a quick google. Watch out for the people that sell it as "gunge powder" though as they charge 5 or 6 quid for just enough for half a bucket. Mix it with warm water adding cornflour to make it opaque if needed and add childs poster paint to colour.


Another method is shaving sticks. Used in panto, 2 grated shaving sticks mixed with 1 kettle of boiling water left to melt to form a soapy mixture and then whisked with a suitable drill style mixer will make a HUGE amount of slosh, obviously the runnier you want it the less you whip it / the more water you put in. I wont go into all the details about shaving sticks/foam staining or stinging as it has been covered in another topic many times.


Hope that helps,


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