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Strand MX48 Basics


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This is a bit rushed, so sorry for that.


Basically, by 4 this afternoon, I need to know how to record and playback a scene on a Strand MX-48. I've downloaded the manual from the Strand archive, but I'm finding it quite confusing!!!


Can anyone help...please?






EDIT: Spelling

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Dead easy...



To record the scene:


1. Press the RECORD button. (Oddly enough)

2. Set the scene you require on the A (Top) faders

3. Use the cursor keys and the +/- buttons to select a page 1 - 4

4. To record to memory 1 of that page, simply press the flash button of channel 1

4 and a bit. Select "A faders" or "Output" using the soft keys at the LCD display.

5. For memory two, press the flash button of channel 2... etc.

6. The LED at the bottom of the fader lights up to indicate when it is programmed.


If you try to record over a used memory, the display will ask if you want to overwrite - if you do, just press the flash button again.


To play back a scene:


1. Set the memory page as in step 3 above.

2. Ensure the desk is in "SCENE" mode - It's a button on the left(ish) side of the control section.

3. The B (Bottom) faders are now submasters, each fader has one scene loaded on it.




EDIT- It is possible to use the C/D crossfaders as a theatre style stack by using the cursor keys and +/- to load the C fader in the PAGE.SCENE format. Load the D fader with PAGE.SCENE+1. As the crossfade is carried out, the appropriate fader going to 0 will automatically load the next scene... This may be a bit OTT if you need to operate by tonight though.

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