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Multipole connectors & cable

Andrew C

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One for all the broadcast types I suspect. As part of a clear out of a local TV facility, I picked up some multipole connectors, and a couple of cables. I've no use for them, and I'm planning to ebay them. What I'd like to know, is what were they used for? Armed with this, I can give a better guide for potential buyers.


1) 12 pole Lemo. 4 pairs screened in pairs with a drain. 9mm silver cable, 25m on a drum.


2) JAE 26 pole. (2 oversize pins) The loose plugs have 6 small coax cores, one plain core (drain?), and what looks like an audio quad. Cable plug and socket non-mating.


3) JAE 41 pole. These are wired plug - socket with a quality rubber multi Fujikura TVCXX cable. Plug and socket do mate. I'd guess 25 - 30m.

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I would guess that the 26 pole one is a studio camera cable. Has to carry pictures from the camera (obviously) but also a return picture feed plus comms, tally light & other control signals.
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