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another jester question


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hi all good people of blue room


we have a zero 88 and have aquired a martin mania EFX500 for use with the school show. is it possible to get this to control this by DMX if so how? or are we just going to have to let it run manualy? can any one help?



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Martin Mania EFX appears to take 7 DMX channels (mode1) or 9 DMX channels (mode2) but pin 3 hot


This will take up quite a few of your control channels on your jester and you will only have htp control but shouldn't be too hard


Reading the EFX500 manual ...

Page 16 tells you how to set a DMX address on the unit

Page 32 tells you what each DMX channel does







You might need to soft patch your Jester if you are running out of channels.


Reading the jester manual ...

Page 29 covers DMX soft patching



Good Luck



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