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Large Cloth required

dave singleton

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Hi Guys,


Im in a bit of a pickle. I really need to find a cloth for HIRE that can be projected on from the front and lit from the rear. The size is the problem, it needs to be around 12m - 15m Wide x 6 - 9m High. The dates it will be required are Thursday 12th July - Saturday 14th July. Does anyone have anything in stock or know of possible sources?


I have tried so many places that I know of and no-one seems to be able to help.

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How good does the projected image have to be? If the quality does not have to be brilliant a standard cotton cyc would do but you will not get the brightest image off it.


The major rock and roll lighting hire companies will all have such an item in stock in the size you need but you would need to ensure it was clean!


Blackout may be worth a call as drapes are their bag.

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