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Advancing venues

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Well, making my way into production management and was wondering if anyone has a good spreadsheet for all the info that's needed to advance a good old fashoined Rock and Roll gig.

Have seen many from the production managers I've worked with but now I have to do it for myself and not got anything to base mine on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Magic :)

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www.smnetwork.org has a section of the forum dedicated to show paperwork. I'm pretty sure most of it is more theatre show related, but if you trawl through it there may be something that is useful.


Sorry if I'm not meant to post to other forums, I'm sure moderation will correct me <_<


Moderation: - Not a problem, as in this case, the destination is a sensible option for the OP. The only time this causes problems is when the link has some commercial, or illegal context

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