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Motu 2408 & Carillon.

Simon MFR

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Hullo All


Hope someone may be able to shed some light on this here swine that is currently doing my tiny tiny swede in...


I have a custom built Carillon system (XP) hooked up to a 2408 Mkii. I've installed the drivers that I downloaded from motu.com, added the 324 card, and the system has recognised that there is new hardware, however it doesent actually pick up the card in the audio settings. A colleague has suggested that the Mkii, being an older unit (the original driver disc contained drivers for 95/98) will not be compatible with with a new computer as XP was not in use when the Mkii was released. Someone also mentioned there is a voltage issue (3v vs 5v) but I remain unconvinced.


Is this something that anyone else has encountered? Do I simply need to purchase a replacement and more recent 324 card or is there something more sinister (and more likely expensive) that will need my attention?


Thanking you in advance, Simon.

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there are a lot of recording specialists on there.


Are there none here?


Maybe the odd one or two :) - but there are plenty of 2408 users on the Sound on Sound forum, the Carillon MD pops in occasionally when we get too tough on his company, and we're usually a friendly bunch as long as you don't want us to answer all your homework questions.






PS - I happen to be an SOS forum moderator so my opinion may be a little biased.

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Have you installed the interface console - it isn't just the drivers you need, but a piece of software runs to allow the card to be patched to your system. My Carillon had the same problem with the twin soundscape cards I have - the pci card is not picked up as a separate device. from what I remember of the MOTU units, they are similar. SOS had a load of stuff on this, as has been mentioned - well worth going on the forums. Here, you may have somebody with the same problem, but I doubt it - same as they wouldn't know much about DMX? The audio settings in my device manager are not listed as conventional audio devices - I expect your problem is the same.


I'd expect that the motu interface gives you access to the patching - probably in pairs of channels, in the same way as mixstream does on mine. It is a kind of bridge - without mixstream working, no audio in or out.


Probably doesn't help you much?



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