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The O2


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Posted in here rather than in the General Tech Chat, as it's sound related.


Hi all,


I was reading June's L&Si on Friday and was reading all about 'The O2'.


The article was talking partly about the intelligence of the audio set-up with every amp and speaker being able to be monitored so that the whole venue was controllable via the HiQnet and SoundWeb London etc and how each amp rack had its own 3ph power supply.

Also the whole place was modelled using CATT and EASE.


I thought, ooh this is all very nice and has highly specified equipment.


I then read on and I was confused and disappointed as I saw that an MH2, a 24ch! MH2 was the FOH desk as choice.



Is it me? or does this console seem a little on the small side for the venue? Am I missing something? :huh:


I know the desk isn't everything and that the PA setup is hugely more important, and I figure that visiting acts will probably bring in their own desks, but I'd have at least thought that a digital desk would've been better here or even a much larger analogue one given the size of the venue and the scale of events that are likely to happen.

Maybe they ran out of their £350m budget?



Well, those are some of the current ramblings of my mind.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts, if you've read the article.





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Is it me? or does this console seem a little on the small side for the venue? Am I missing something? :huh:

Visiting acts to a large arena don't probably bring their own gear, they always do. It doesn't matter if the house control gear is the latest state of the art top of the range hot poop - for a gazillion reasons it'll always be easier to use the same desk you used the day before on the tour, and will be using the day after.


The house PA in a very big large arena is used for

a) recorded announcements - fire alarm, etc.

b) non-recorded announcements - 'tannoy' type stuff

c) sporting events, basketball, boxing etc., which involves one or two mics and some playback.

d) err...

e) thats it.




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