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Help! Stealth Laser Manual


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Can anyone help!


I've started work at ikon nightclub in Bolton and need an operator/programming manual for a Stealth Laser!


I have the operator code and it's all working fine.


But I need to reprogram the sequences and change some of the scrolling text messages.


As far as I can tell the original company dissappeared a long time ago. So I'm hoping some has a copy in the back of a cupboard.


An help or leads would be very much apppreciated.





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since Stealth/LLI went AWOL, there have been a few topics started, so I'd have a look through the search function....



Thanks Luke,


I've done exactly that but it didn't throw up anything usefull.


I posted this topic to try to refresh the debate!


If I can find a copy I will make it available to all who need it!



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hi pinball dreamer...


the 'stealth' is the product name of the laser projector only.


you need the manual for the control desk.


the 'stealth' was supplied with a variety of control desks made by other manufacturers, all given different names by the company that supplied the laser projector.


if you can email me a picture or drawing of the control desk I can identify it and send you the programming manual.


hope this helps...



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