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60's SFX


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I've tried a couple of free SFX websites, and I dont have the budget to go for paid SFX (we've overspent already).


I need to source an old police siren from the 60's (I'm told that it's like a bell but rung really fast - that true?)

Also one of those whistles that the police used to use to communicate to each other. This is an offstage thing, so it could be a prop (if anyone knows where to source from) or a SFX.


Any help would be much appreciated.



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Sorry to double post.


I recorded the whistle today, in a mates flat who doesn't have buzz and does have nice mics :unsure:


Available to anyone here, (about 500kB). Two files, one short blast, one long blast.

(Please do NOT hotlink to this, but do feel free to redirect people to this link via this topic)

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Early 60s was still bells - two-tone air horns starting to creep in around the mid 60s. The last users of the bells hung on until the late 70s in the London Flying Squad - called winkworth gongs. The basic air horn design is easily sourced on the net, on CDs and even for real if you can find an old St John Ambulance!
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Quite a few to search through here.




You're not wrong. Unfortunately, that search shows up all effects with the word 'police' or 'bell' in them, so all manner of churches, school bells and police sirens, but no winkworth's :P


As it seems to be a fairly specific effect I need, I was hoping that the good folks here may be able to help me narrow down the search! ;)



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Google description "says" that there is a Winkworth gong SFX in the list...and, much as I enjoy the challenge of finding an item, listening to 500 or so different SFX items is a search too far, ** laughs out loud **.


Then found this:



(Note Winkworth gong on bumper.)


Translate to an Ogg file, to get sound only; open with Audacity, say, chop out most of it and you get about 15 secs of bells.


If you are handy with Audacity or similar you can join this sequence ad nauseam to get whatever length. The sequence includes some extraneous car chase noises which may add to the effect you want.

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