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Hi Guys,


New to the blue room here.


Own my own Strand 300 series console, amongst others (it isnt my favourite console but works well for some environments, especially theatre). When I purchased it, it came with just the one vga monitor output and I had to hunt high and low to find a VGA card to fit in one of the slots, which gave me the two vga monitor outputs - great!!! The card was one of the vga/lcd cards, but I dont have any of the stupidly expensive strand 300 series lcd screens so obviously the lcd output is redundant to the vga port. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a 'Strand dual vga card' whch was labelled 'suitable for 500 series consoles' which I planned originally to put into one of my 520i's - my other 520i has such a card already and for complex shows it makes a huge difference to have 4 monitors when plotting I find. But then my mind started wandering (which is often dangerous) and im just wandering wether these Strand dual vga cards will fit into a spare slot on a strand 300??? Do the 500 series and the 300 series cards differ? Or are they the same and can fit in either a 300 or a 500???


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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