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LED Lights for Soundcraft Sprit mixer


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Hi All,


I have just ordered 2 LED lights from Thomann (link below) to illuminate a small Soundcraft Sprit desk. It's a bit of a punt really as the Thomann website gives no clue as to the voltage/current requirements of the lamps. I have a plan to run the lamps off of the desk’s internal power. Being LED’s, the current draw should be minimal and not affect the operation of the desk. The desk has the following DC rails: +/- 15, +/- 24 and +48 for phantom.

I would guess that the 4 LED’s in each lamp is wired in series and possibly has resistor also in series (I can’t be sure until I get my hands on them). Does anybody have any ideas on a strategy to wire these chaps up? E.G. if the lamps specs state a supply voltage of 9-12V how can I connect them to the +15v rail? Could I do it with a simple resistor (or pot) to reduce the voltage or would I be better off with a regulator. Worst case scenario I would have to get a small external ‘wall wart’ type power supply to power the lamps…


All comments are most welcome. Many thanks. Roy



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Maybe its just me, but I always prefer the wallwart option, that way if the desk breaks, then you can at least still see, seems the consensus around the office is the same.


2p in the pot.

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