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Rates for a 7 night show...


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Hi, I'm inquiring what I should charge for a show that a private school has asked me to do.


They have asked for a lighting plot to be designed and rigged, focused and de-rigged and the lighting to be operated.


I have been thinking that I will be charging AUD$35 per hour.


I have also thought that the maximum working hours is 14 per day and any amount of overtime will be at my choice will be charged at a different rate of AUD$50.


The total amount of time I will have to be spending on the set will be approx 130 hours which includes designing.


Luckily the school have a small tech crew which will be able to help me rig some items, however I will have to do the majority of the rigging as I will be the only one in the house with rigger's tickets.


What I have quoted above is only for labor, they have already got about AUD$4000 set aside for a lighting and audio kit.


Please post your thought and if I should amend the labor charge.


Thanks in advance :welcome:

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A few things come to mind...


- First, your profile indicates that you're still at school (apologies if this is incorrect! And update your profile!). AUD$35 per hour seems high to me - I'm in New Zealand and most of my freelance jobs are paying me between NZD$20 and $25 per hour - and I'm 27 with eight years in the industry behind me. Standard rate in Australia might be higher than it is here, but $35 does seem a little excessive to me, particularly if you're still at school.

- A 14 hour day sounds reasonable to me; overtime is usually charged at time-and-a-half. So at $35 per hour $50 is about right. I've also worked in situations where hours after midnight are charged at time-and-a-half.

- There's nothing to stop school students hanging lights provided their work is checked by someone competent (and you don't need a rigger's ticket to hang lights anyway!)

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I have no idea why my profile was like that! I've been out of school for 3 years and am in my last year of uni... strange.


Thanks for the feedback, I guess it all depends on what my possible employer thinks that I am worth. However the more you can squeeze out of an employer is better right? I'll start negotiations with them next week and write up a contract..


Thanks for the reply GrindGirl.

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I run a production company in sydney and occasionally do a few school jobs.


for schools I typically charge them a flat rate of $35 an hr for labour, however I only pay the crew a rate of $20 p/h. I need to cover insurances and all expenses in running a business..


I would chat to them and find out what the budget is. then maybe say you will charge 35 p/h but it might need to be capped at 2k or whatever the budget allows for.


You dont want to be seen chgarging for unnessisary hours, typically if your designing a show then you just have a set rate for the show.


I would be happy to go over a few things about schools and what to look out for if you want to contact me.


If you are invoicng them direct then you are liable for anything that goes wrong, so watch out. make sure you have insurance or become an employee of the school so their insurance covers

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