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One Year On... - UPDATED


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So, this is us one year on. 652 members, 17,700 posts and a few sore heads later.


After an extremely successful meet today, the Blue Room is now officially one year old. In this year we've come far. Our member base has increased from just 20 members at launch to the 652 we have today. Without a doubt our success has been helped along by our dedicated moderation team, who have mastered the forum controls and helped us to become a real player in the entertainment industry discussion forums. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their dedication to the forum and for supporting us from the beginning.


We've also moved to our own dedicated server account now, which means we can maintain a better web presence. After a few teathing troubles, everything seems to have been ironed out and the board is running smoothly.


The BlueToe awards were announced today, Brian Fairchild recieved one of only two Blue LED Maglites in the country (thanks to Wavicle and Opalec) as Most Helpful member. Full results will be posted soon.


Coming up in the next few months on the Blue Room you can expect the implimentation of new forum software, once our beta test program proves stable enough. The new software will improve the stability of the board and add new features. Full details mid February. There are also likely to be some alterations to the way we handle forum advertising, although this is still under discussion. As always we appreciate member input and will respond to any reasonable requests.


During todays meet we carried out a collection to raise funds to pay for the upkeep of the forum. If anyone who was unable to attend the meet would like to make a donation, you can use the PayPal link which we've added to the top of each page. Just £1 from each member would be a fantatsic contribution. Although the Blue Room doesn't cost a lot to keep running, the costs increase as our popularity grows. Our bandwidth usage has increased by 700% throughout the year - last month, we handled around 6 gigabytes of data transfer.


Anyway, this seems like a good opportunity to thank all the members for their support throughout the last year. Keep on vising the Blue Room. Without our members, we would be nothing. Hopefully we'll be holding another meet near Easter, where all members will be invited. Full details nearer the time.



Happy Birthday Blue Room :** laughs out loud **:






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