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Optical Adapter


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Anyone know where I might get hold of a Neutrik OpticalCon 2-pole to 2xTOSlink adapter? It's to try and bring some sanity to my ADAT patches.


Alternatively could anyone recommend a company who might manufacture one?


Another question while I'm here ... is it possible to get hold of VDM connectors for anything less than a big pile of cash? They are excellent but really pricey IMHO.



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For all those questions talk directly to VDC.


VDMs are expensive because they are good. Trust me, I use them for all my kit (total 20 or so VDM connections in the system) for all sorts of signals - video, audio, DMX, Midi, everything and over the last 2.5 years they have been setup/disconnected at least 2 times per week (so thats 250 odd connect/disconnects) and not once has one broken. They're worth the cash

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