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narrow beam profile


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5° source 4 fixed focus would be ideal. just very very heavy.


cantata with an iris would be very inefficient, as you would not get that much light output (60% or whatever the iris was would be lost) - inverse square rule etc.. all common sense.

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Again, crap optics.


Source Four's also really don't like Iris', I think it's near damn impossible to maintain a nice focus when one is it.


I personally recommend looking at a Strand SL 15/32 with an Iris, or perhaps an Alto 8/16 (with possible Iris?).



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I'd go with either the Pacific or a Source4 5 degree.


The Source4 weighs around 8kg, which is pretty light compared to your suggested Cantata (about 13kg). The thing to remember is that they have very big noses, so physical space might be limiting.

Having just finished a run of JCS where I used Source4 10 degree and Cantata 11/26s, the quality of the Source4 beam is so much nicer as well.

(Gethsemane was superb, but then I would say that)


I haven't used Pacifics as they appear to have limited availablility up north, but I understand that they have pretty nice optics.


If the exact pool size isn't important - ie you just want "Smaller than this, bigger than that", go with a Source4 with the right lens tube on as it's quicker to focus, and lighter than a zoom.

If you really want your pool to be exactly 70cm in diameter and properly circular then get a zoom, such as the Pacific.


And I really should go to bed, as I've got the getout in 8 hours.

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