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BNC Panel Punch Tool


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Does anyone know where to get hold of BNC shaped (circle with flat edge) hand punch tools? A look on the usual suspects (RS, Canford, Farnell & Google) hasn't revealed anything suitable. We've got over 40 BNCs which need panel mounting in the next month or so and a punch tool would make it much simpler, as well as reducing twisting forces on the connector.
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Will the BNC's be mounted in the same panel or different panels? It is possible to source panels with pre-punched (or even pre-loaded) BNC's


Yes it is possible

I got a rear panel for a media server project I was working on made,

5 x BNC connector

4 x USB

4 x DVI

2 x Ethercon

2 x S-Video


TMB Uk made it for me www.tmb.com

Haven't figured out how to upload photos yet but will if you need.



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Meant to get a photo, might remember later today... We're building several small boxes for sending video over CAT5, with 2-4 PCB mount BNCs per box, so the pre punched plates aren't really suitable (we've already got some in stock and have checked).
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