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transmiters for follow spots


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Hi, I was talking to a friend last night and he started talking about follow spots, he said he went to one gig were the artists each had a trainsmiter on there belts, and each of them had two inteligent lights programed so they would constantly be followed, I was wondering if any one knew about this and were to get them from, and also how they actualy work


thanks Tom

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Guest lightnix

There's this, earlier thread, too (searched for using the equally-obscure autopilot).


IIRC Wybron's Autopilot uses a combination of infra-red and ultrasonic to stay on target and distinguish somebody just turning around and actually moving.


So yes - it can be done, but only up to a point and such systems are usually confined to the onstage / FOH truss / bar.


"Real" follow spots (from right out front) are still best operated by people. AFAIK, machines haven't yet been taught how to deal with different sized performers, iris down as a target moves upstage, or behind something; or how to shutter off on the pros, when a target leaves the stage. Yes, these are problems that could all be solved, given time and budget, but the return on such an investment probably isn't there just yet, to the point where such a product would be economically viable.

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