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Radio Mic Antenna


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Hi Guys,


I have a PA rig built into a flightcase (on wheels) it contains 3 sennheiser G2 receivers (amongst other stuff!) I'm looking for a robust means of managing the 6 antennas involved. Currently, all 6 are mounted on the back rack strips via bnc bulkhead connectors, but it's only a matter of time before they get wiped out!

What's the best way of doing this... was wondering about rubber type antennas, but I'd value some suggestions!


Kind Regards



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The best way to do this is to use a Sennheiser ASP-2, which allows you to run up to 4 receivers from 1 pair of antennae. IIRC, it also lets you just use 1 mains cable instead of individual wall-warts. It's the same physical size as a G2 receiver (Half-rack), so should rack nicely with your 2 receivers.


EDIT: Damn you Dunk! <_<

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