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Lightprocessor 241D Dimmer Rack


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Lightprocessor 241D - Rackpack Series 2 - 8channel dimmer rack

Pretty old bit of kit this and am doing a bit of headscratching here - anyone got a circuit diagram or user manual for one of these that they could email/fax/send?


Ive opened on of them and its got two, four-channel circuit boards, one marked 5A (with no onboard fuses) and one marked 8A (with onboard 5amp fuses) - so why the difference? and could it be that Ive got an 8amp rack hidden in there? (I thought all these were 5amp)

Any light you can cast on this would be appreciated


(Already tried lightprocessor website - it states that there are no manuals available)




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sorry for the delay, please feel free to give me a call at Lightprocessor or Lightfactor as I am the Service Manager for both companies and I will be happy to help, if I don't have the info to hand I will do anything we can to get if for you.


I look forward to the call if you still want the info


All the best

Ben Kovler

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