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Please Help...


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Hey Everyone,

Sorry to intrude but I was kinda hoping someone could give me some advice!


ya see I need some work and I know heaps about tech, and thats including lx, audio, visual, staging, design! However! Thats what ive spent my last 6 years at school doing, and I dont know much else! :** laughs out loud **:


is there anyone who can give me some tips, like who im meant to be asking for jobs, and what im meant to be asking about??


Please help! I need to start working! so I can get money to buy shoes!!!





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if you have a look at this thread HERE! there's some really good advice. as stu says, get your yellow pages and jus go through your local theatres/venues and send them your cv and a covering letter... then if you don't here anything after 10 days - 2 weeks give them a ring jus say who you are and that you sent your cv in (did they recieve it?) and is there anything else they wanted to know while you were on the phone. You could even go down to the venue in person to drop your cv off, its up to you... Just make sure you get the technical managers name right! There are quite a few threads on this subject on the forum, jus have a browse about and see what you can find.... there's some really good advice out there


Hope this helps,



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