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Upgrade to Mackie SR24.4-VLZ PRO?


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At my school we currently use a Mackie SR24.4.VLZPRO. A couple of channels are unreliable now, and I've got some money to upgrade the desk. As everyone always says, we find ourselves needing more channels as well!

The desk is only used for Live sound (it's in the hall).


What would be a step up with, say, 32 channels, same sort of features, within a £1500-2000 budget? We can utilise the old desk very well in school, so nothing will go to waste!


Most School questions in the WIKI seem to be in a different cost bracket!

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In that sort of price bracket, perhaps look at the Soundcraft GB2 and LX7ii, or the Allen and Heath GL2400. All are absolute workhorse desks, and all sound much better than the Mackie.






Sliding 2 wires down a piece of copper sound better than the Mackies!

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