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A new direction for the blue-room


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We've bin finkin n all deze sentancez ppl hav been postin is costin d blu room a lot a dolla so we been makin som changez. First ov all we added deze c00l adverts at d bottom of d page which will pay 4 all ur talkin - boo ya! Next, all dat theatre chatz been gettin a bit borin zo we've decided to change r name 2 Blue Room Disco Forums and wiv it we've changed 2 r funky new image. We ope u like d new image - we thnk its d future of d web - we copied it frum myspace, cos that sites ace.


We'd also like 2 announce d appointment of r new admins, ILuvCheeseScans n MyMateWorksAtWhiteLight. Deze membaz hav followd d correct proseejur n PMd a admin askin if they can b 1 so we made them 1. Pls note that bcos theyr t skule till 4 u mite not get a reply 2 ur msgs b4 then... shudnt b a problem cos we're all at school aint we. Welcome aboard guyz.


Hope u all like d new style... xpect more soon!



D mod and Admin Krew!

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