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Shoulder holsters


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I have to make (having discovered just how expensive the real thing is) a couple of shoulder holsters to carry knives.


The knives have got sheathes with carry handle things (technical term) but I need a pattern or a good diagram of the shoulder holster - the straps that go across the shoulders and body.


Any help would be appreciated.

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If you type shoulder holster into google image search, you will find plenty of photos and diagrams of different types of holsters to choose from.


Eightbits is a useful site with discriptions of how to make a few different ones and patterns downloadable in both word & PDF form.


Hope this helps.

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Hi Nerissa, sorry for not acknowledging your reply before now.


The director saw sense and decided that the actors' costumes really didn't allow for shoulder holsters so they could wear the knives on their belts.


It worked a lot better (for me, that is.)



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