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Wireless Headphones

Dan Appleby

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Hi people,


Bit of a strange one...


Does anyone know where I might be able to hire 20(!) pairs of wireless headphones from? I'm not talking about in-ear systems, I'm after something like this...


Any help would be appreciated!




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Have you thought about looking to hire a wireless 'tour guide' system?


Brilliant... that's kind of thing I'm after. Do you know if these systems will accept an input from an external source such as a DVD player?

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There's a few companys who do "silent discos". Can't provide any links I'm afraid, but they will supply a system that should do pretty much exactly what you need - large quantities of wireless headphones and a base station of some sort, that you can hook up to a stereo source. Normally a DJ, but whatever you like, I imagine.
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