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Auto Move While Dark

Brent Smith

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OK That's Brilliant. The text thing is a great idea. A [TEXT *] Macro could be used as a "Preset" button. [GOTO X * "Preset"] But only if you're not using text labels on your cues. However, you've lead me on to discovering that the same is true for all of the modifying buttons such as TIME, DELAY,WAIT,... and PROFILE. I am very rarely asked to assign a profile to a cue, therefore I, on most occasions, would be able to use [PROFILE *] (assigning the cue the default profile) as a preset command.


I am by no means above tricking the board into doing my bidding.

Thanks, Brent

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I'd imagine that the changes are somehow forcing the console to 'reload' the cue, and that load operation forces auto move to do its thing again. The console generally re-loads a cue any time you change it - ie. if you're in cue 1 and change cue 2 in blind, cue 2 will be reloaded when you come out of blind (otherwise you'd get the 'old' version of cue 2 when you hit go, since cue 2 in the playback has effectively been copied from the cue memory into the playback memory).


Given that, pressing shift-load, which appears on the command line as 'Reload', might well achieve the same thing.


This is also useful when you want to force the 'correct' look of a cue after you've been playing with channels manually with the desk in tracking mode (since normally manually altered channels will only get changed by a cue with an 'instruction' for that channel). Reload forces the console to take everything back to the right place the next time you press go.



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