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Does anyone know of a quick and easy way of, when calculating bar loadig etc, estimating the weight of TRS/grelcos/asssociated miscellany that gets added during rigging? Is it significant?

Either weigh the items or look up weights in one of the references listed. And if you've ever played with counterweighted systems, you'll soon notice it is significant - the multicore trip coiled on the end of the bar when it is weighted and flown out but then taken off onto the fly gallery to plug-up always catches people out.

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Perhaps something for Rigging & Staging, but does any one find that these published weights are ever completely accurate (more so lantern weights). Also, I found they vary between sources and what is stamped on the lanterns. My hook up sheets in excel even add the weight of the IWBs to a bar weight, but I generally get the flyman to amend them in production week!


Or can't I add up?



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