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cue lights


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sorry if this has been covered, I did try to search for it but didn't have any real luck


Does anyone have a link for a simple two light Cue Light system. All offers taken, I'm not too fussy about multiple switches etc all I want is a simple "Stand-by" and "Go" and if they have to be seperate switches thats fine.


I can quite happily build this from schematics or buy one if the price is right


All help appreciated, and please stick to the topic.





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I've got a design for a multi-station, flashing "stand-by", green "go" system. Happy to supply to anyone for use in there own theatre / school / whatever but not for commercial gain. PM with a real email address (the design is a zipped attachment) and I'll send it on.
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Using very easily available switches. (available from hombase, B&Q etc) A Very easy one can be made. A simple on/off switch (SPST) can be used to power the unit, with the type of switch that is used to turn the the lights on at the top of the stairs (SPDT). *Caution Dodgy Diagram follows*


             * *
             | |
             | |

Where () denote power supplies

* terminals of switchess

/ denotes the switch arm

@ a light bulb


Please e-mail me or PM me an e-mail address for a better JPG file, I would post it but I don't have any hosting atm

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