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What size gobo Holder / Gate size

Neil Hampson

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A quick search did not come up withe the answer I was looking for, hence the question, does anyone have, or know of an index of lanterns that gives the size of the gate for a gobo, I can readily get the gobo size that each lantern will take, but it seems that each lantern has a different size holder. As I work in a few different venues I find that although I have the correct gobo size, there is rarely enough holders for the right lanterns, and I just can't afford to keep buying holders. I know that there is some info in the Wiki, but that just seems to be the tip of the iceburg, and there is no dimensional data. for example, can a CCT Sil' holder be squeezed into a Cantata (No, but with a little modification, could you make a holder fit both)


On a side note is there such a thing as an adjustable gobo holder, I know DHA used to do a A size to B size reducer, but I'm not sure even if they still do those.

Ideally, I would like to have a index that give the following data as an Example:


W D G DHA L Notes:


88mm 44mm 'B' DHA08 Pat23, Minim, Quartet

109mm 55mm 'A/B' ? Prelude, SL, P744, Cantata Note, Prelude 'B' size recomended


W=Width of Gate

D=Distance from bottom edge of holder to center of gobo

G=Gobo Size

DHA= DHA Part Number


plus any notes that may be relevant.

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The best resource I have found regarding gobo size is in the White Light catalogue.....


Not only gives you gobo size, but also lamp type, how many pieces of gel in that size you can get out of Lee and Rosco, and lots of info about output....


Everywhere I have worked has at least one copy laying around, so I'm not sure how you get a hard copy of one now, as they aren't released very often.


www.whitelight.ltd.uk/resources looks like it might have the info you need....

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Agree with Sarah Q - the WL reference guide is what you want - you can email them for a paper copy or download the pdf file - this link here.


Other option is some of the hire catalogues also have very good reference guides in them - I know the Stage Electrics one is pretty reasonable.

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