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Soundcraft 800B - Crosstalk from auxes


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I have a SOUNDCRAFT 800B 24/8 MIXER. I am getting very bad crosstalk into the auxes.

ie. whatever is fed into the mixer is coming through the auxes whether it is sent there or not.

The amount of signal coming through is not like a full signal, but it is too much to be ignored and renders the mixer useless. I have had a few techs look at it to no avail.

We have spoken to the SOUNDCRAFT importer over here in Australia - (JANDS) but they were completely unhelpful (whats new) .

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestion, comments please..........


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I had a similar problem in one venue with a Yamaha PM4000. Ambient pickup all over the desk, even when all inputs (ie. lines from stage and FX returns) where physically disconnected from the desk. Turned out it was the induction loop in the hall. Well the problem went away when it was switched off.

Like you, we spoke to the Yammy dealership in Germany but they were completely flumoxed.


No problem for us as for this performance the loop wasn't needed but WTF?

Maybe some sort of dry joint setting up a RF thing? * shrug*


Maybe check all the ribbon cables and mother boards are connected/seated properly?

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Hi there ChatterBox


One of my sound technician's used to work for Sound Craft as their final test engineer so I'm sure he will be able to offer advice on you're problem, as soon as I can ask him about you're problem I will get back to you with some advice.


Watch this space!

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With respect its an 800B , nice desk but I dare say its been round the block a few times , and probably been well used. Sounds like its due for a damn good service. Is it 25 years old ? Its a pity Soundcraft OZ cant recommend any one who might do a service and/or repair. We had an old 8000 at a toilet gig in Camden, which had a similar problem and I think Soundcraft UK were able to find a guy to do a service. Think you need a guy who specialises in vintage pro audio.
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Hi there ChatterBox


I have discussed you're problems with the sound technician I mentioned in my previous post and his suggestions are:


In the absence of any knowledge as to when this started and the circumstances under which the condition developed

the following would be my suggestions


Firstly check the power supply for correct rail voltages and ground connections, if ok check the power supply lead for full continuity on each pin, providing that is ok check over all power supply connections from the connector on the rear of the console to the power supply interface PCB which is located in the base of the console and all connections specifically for dry joints on the copper side of the board.


I would expect this fault to be caused by loss of proper grounding between the powers supply and the electronics within the console and the proceeding measures should reveal any loss of connections to the electronics.


Hope that advice is helpful, if you still have problems after completing the above mentioned suggestions PM me and I'll see if I can put you in touch with him directly.


HTH ;)

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More information is required for a 'remote' diagnosis.


Is the crosstalk coming from a particular channel, or more than one channel?

Is it present on just one aux output - or several?

Does it go if the Aux sends are turned down?

Does it sound like a full range signal - or is just high frequencies like capacitive crosstalk?

Still there with all faders down?

Are all aux send controls on the channels fully anti-clockwise (or down)? Apologies for that one - although it just could be faulty pots or soldered joints.....!


Report back please!

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