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Truss Floor Stands For Moving Lights


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Does anyone know where I can get the truss floor stands which are about 1m high and have a base on the bottom, with a metal plate on top to put moving lights.


Cheers, Zak.




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Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get The Truss Floor Stands Which Are About 1m High And Have A Base On The Bottom, With A Metal Plate On Top To Put Moving Lights.

cheers zak

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I am also looking for the best way to secure a 1m section of truss. Anyone know of a good solution to attach to a standard section of quad truss to make it stable enough for use?


Secure it to what?


If you mean the floor, then a base plate. And if you are putting a lot of weight on the top (like a mover) you might want to put some weight on the bottom, sandbags, or if the plate is big enough some stage weights.

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A standard single stick of truss is NOT SUITABLE for putting a moving light on top.


The 'standard' baseplates are designed to go on the bottoms of a truss structure to reduce the damage done to the flooring.


I've seen such things used as lecterns - that works well.

Anything bigger than some sheets of paper and a lectern mic - you need more than two floor contacts, and one is most definately not enough!


Super-large baseplates with sandbags etc may be suitable depending on many factors.

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You have not specified which moving light or which type of truss you are trying to use.


I have on many occasions used A type approx 1500mm high with a Mac 5/600 sized lamp on top bolted to a base plate of sheet ali approx 750mm x 750mm. the base plate was I think custom made for the job with a lip around the bottom and cross bracing underneath to provide a void for the head of the bolts. I would always strap the lamp securely to the truss with a ratchet strap.


I also toured five truss towers this summer designed to be moved rapidly into place during festival turn rounds. This featured a custom box ali base on wheels with wind down feet supporting a 4m pre-rig tower adapted to hold four studio colours and a Mac 700. All movements were carefully supervised with lots of local crew assistance plus sandbag ballast on the base but in thirty odd shows across European festival stages we had no major problems.


both of these bases are available for hire from Entec Sound and Light.


Hope this helps



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Well a 'stand' of that sort doesn't exist. As mentioned you are looking for a piece of truss (1 meter long) with a base plate on each end. (The one at the bottom being oversized for extra stability). If you talk to you local truss hire companys or dealers they will be happy to provide you with some recommendations. After all, what you are after is quite common. You could check out the stage links page, or if you have a preference for a brand of truss you could call the manufacturers and ask them to recommend a local dealer.
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