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Fopp Store on Tottenham Court Road

Dan Appleby

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Hello people,


This might be a long shot... but does anyone know a rough tech spec for the venue in Fopp in tottenham court road? I'm engineering a band there in march and wouldn't mind knowing what to expect before I get there.


Getting any useful info from the people there is proving a little tricky!




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It's a bit late now..... but I'll put it up incase anyone needs it in the future.

I put together a package for all the big UK stores with enough room, it was


Nexo PS15 x 2

Nexo LS1200 x 2

Camco Vortex 4 x 2

TD Controller

Allen & Heath GL2400:24


Shure 58/57s

AKG Drum kit set

Good outboard Lexicon/Drawmer/TC

ART HD231 Graphics

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