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Qlab for windows?


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Don't know if anyone has covered this topic before, but does anyone know of any cueing software as good as Qlab, but for PC? I'm using Soundplant at the minute which is adequate, but I'd like to see a stacked cue list and have a bit more flexibilty. Any suggestions?
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There have been quite a few topics on sound playback software. A search on those words will bring up a number of threads you may find useful.


The Blue Room Wiki also has a topic on this with a list of software HERE.


I can't compare Qlab since I've never had to use an Apple, but a couple of the main contenders will be SFX (expensive) and Sound Cue System (quite inexpensive and great value). You'll find far more choice for PC than you had for Apple.


Since there has been so much discussion in the past, I'm going to close this topic for now, but feel free to come back if you have any specific questions not answered in the previous threads.



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