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sword stick / sword cane


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I have been asked to source a victorian style sword stick - like Steed has in the opening credits of the Avengers...


However, from what I can tell, they are illegal in this country. Is there anyway of a theatre being exempt from that rule? I mean what about all the illegal weapons used in films...


Hi Becky,


I was involved in a production that needed one of these. We hired it from www.armsandarchery.co.uk who were very useful people and able to offer all the advice about the legalities. As I recall, it wasn't illegal to use onstage, however I had to be very careful transporting it. Particularly given that this production was back at the time of ultra high terrorist panics. I think that the hire note from Arms and Archery covered me had I been challenged by the police. Luckily, it didn't come to that.


I had to go and collect in person (although I think that was to save on delivery costs) from them in a village called 'Ware' in Hertfordshire. Imagine the fun I had at the train station trying to buy a return to Ware. Where? Yes. Etc, etc.




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