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DMX Fiber Light Source


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Hi all I have a Fiber star cloth the splits down the middle. Im looking for a Fiber optic source so I can control this with DMX 512. I would like this to have at least 4 colours in it and to be able to chase the colours and to have a seprate twinkle mode.


Ive been quoted the martin one http://www.martin-architectural.com/produc...bersourceqfx150 but want to do some more research into this to find if there is anymore out there which people use. Can you help me.



Thanking you in advance Carl

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I really dislike the QFX150 - had no end of trouble with them!

In my experience, the colour wheels lose calibration extremely quickly, and the mechanical dimmer jams often.


The twinkle effect didn't seem to do anything, but I think that was due to the fibre optic connection as opposed to the fixture itself.


Personally, I'd go for an RGB full-colour colour mixing fibre optic source - I've not seen any with a seperate twinkle mode, but I expect there are a few.

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I have one manufactured by Abstract AVR, its a 150arc lamp with seperate twinkle effect, dimmer and colour wheel with 7 colours +open.


Im not sure it they make this product anymore it was part of the VRX range but I never knew it was an abstract product untill I opened it do service and parts were all AVR.


Contact them they may still produce it.


Im also aware that you used to be able to get an add on for the martin Pro400? dont know if you still can?



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