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Anyone with experience of Renkus Heinz PA, specifically C2 system?


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Has any one had any experience with Renkus Heinz PA systems, particularly the C2 system?


I am converting a double decker bus in to a mobile stage (see www.thestagebus.com). I have been offered a Renkus Heinz PA system (apparently very reasonably) consisting of 4 C2 full range boxes, though the company offering them doesn’t seem to be terribly helpful (one sails person doesn’t know anything and the other one just trys to hard sell and whilst I think he dose know what hes talking about trying to get any info out of him is not exactly easy!).


The speakers would be mounted upstairs in the bus (so would have no direct connection to the floor). Apparently they are about 10 years old have a dispersion of 60x30 and will throw about 50m.


They have also offered me a CE3T and C3 system, though I don’t really want to spend that much money and a full range system would actually suit me better, though what dose anyone think of them in comparison to the full range boxes?


I also have the possibility of an OHM TRS system for similar money – dose anyone one know what the Renkus Heinz is likely to be like in comparison?


What I want to know is do people think they have the guts for outdoors, would they cover a 3000 or so people audience, and dose anyone have any other thoughts or general comments about these speakers or Renkus Heinz in general.




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Hi Tev - I think I met you at PLASA (on the EM Acoustics stand), we were talking about your Stage Bus concept.


What is your budget for the system? If I have that as an idea, may be able to find you a system at a decent price, I know some people selling some large systems.


Alternatively drop me a PM or email.





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I run renkus hienz and have 30 stacks CE3T as well as some of the smaller boxes like rfx and cfx, not sure what the C2 is without checking but feel free to pm any questions


interested in who is selling CE3T and how much for as there isn't that much in the country




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