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Any ideas if Wireless comsets without a Base Station are alright?

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Any ideas if Wireless comsets without a Base Station are alright?

Signal from beltpack to beltpack only..

Going to be used for various setups.. prone to everyday use, changing of areas etc..

It would be for a rental company and not for an installation.

Any help or advice is appreciated. Sorry in advance if this post may have previous similarities. Thanks and have a nice day!

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If you're talking about actual radios, like the Motorola GP series, then yes. If you want proper wireless coms sets, like the TechPro ones but wireless, then no. The wireless cans have receivers which need to be linked into a coms loop powered by a base station - the receivers don't have their own power supply so need to be powered by a base station.
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Base-station systems, certainly on larger scales, are duplex. I.e one frequency for transmission, one for recieve. The idea of the base station is similair to that of a mobile phone, tiny transmitter needs high quality (and large) reciever in base station, small beltpack reviever means large transmitter in base station. It also allows some degree of control over the system.


Without the base station, the system is just a set of walkie talkie's, Simplex nomally so it's not party line and ultimately you loose all the pro's. As such they aren;t really produced for our field except in mobile radio's. I've tried these and it's safer not to go there!

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the hme wireless coms can come with a portable battery powered base station.


Flexible battery-powered

operation lets you power your

base four different ways: six

1.5V AA batteries, optional

rechargeable BAT850 battery,

12VDC automotive adapter

or the provided 100/240VAC

power supply.

Portable, compact design

makes the DX100/DX100C ideal

for mobile field applications.




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