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Ideas for 6KW audio rig


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Hi everyone,

This time next month Im in charge of setting up and operating a 6KW PA system,

The equipment I have available is:

3 x Matrix UKP 1300

2 x Matrix UKP 1000

2 x 2 * 15" 1.2KW bass cabs

4 x 1 * 15" 200/400 W bass cabs

4 x Bose 802's

2 x Behringer cx2310

behringer cx3410

3 x Yamaha D1030


My current plan is to use one of the behringer cx2310's in 2 way mode run left high to one UKP 1000 runnin in mono to power 2 Bose 802's and opposite for right.

Then running the bass outputs into a pair of D1030's and setting the cross over for mid to 200hz and feeding the mid outputs of these to a UKP 1300 and runnin 2 single 15" cabs on each side of it.

Then setting the sub out on the cx2310 to 200hz and splitting the output of that into the other 2 UKP1300's running in mono to ower the 2 *15's


Hope this makes sense..

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Sounds like your trying to over complicate things. If I understand you correctly (if I haven't then please correct me) your using 802's full range, then the single 15" for mids (above 200Hz) and then the twin 15" for sub (below 200Hz).

If thats the case its not gonna sound great.


Assuming your source material is music, I'd just use the 802's full range - set a Xover point between 100-125Hz (need to check the 802 isobar) for the twin 15" subs. You'll need to EQ the 802's to compensate for the fact that you don't have a Bose controller to correct their frequency response to something resembling flat.


Oh, and pray the Behringer gear doesn't fall over half way through the show!

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