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Martin Mac 700 help!

dave singleton

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Im trying to source any companies in the UK that actually HAVE Mac 700 Profiles in stock. Plenty advertise them, but im looking for a source for some. So far I only have Whitelight who have them in stock. I realise they are rather new, but just wondered if theres others I can try.


Just for the record, PRG doesnt have them available.

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Dear Dave


We at Gradav Hire & Sales have MAC700 Profiles (and Washes) in stock.


We are very pleased with these fixtures and believe that when more people have seen the performance of the Washes they will become a benchmark (yardstick for the more elderly!) by which other movers will be judged.


There is a comparison chart and manuals for both models available as downloads from our website.





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looking at their website stage electrics hire and sell mac 700's but they look a bit pricey, £200+vat a week per unit




above is the direct link


have you considered the new robe 700 spot or wash, they are new so I dont know anyone that will be hiring them yet but it may be looking into for hire costs - depending on your budget.



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Shocked that your having trouble finding them, a fair few big names seem to have them for hire.


CSR Lighting have them in stock.


Failing that, PSLX


Also, 10 out 10..




Erm Dave, you still work for Kave don't you? Well, according to your own website, Kave has them for hire >>http://www.kave.co.uk/Kave_New/events/equipment.htm :D OR are you trying to sort some cross hire with another company for Kave..






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