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2510 controller


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Hello all, quick question for you because I'm stumped!


I have recently re-purchased Martin LJ 2 because the dongle got stolen....I have set it up in one of the smaller lounges controlling 6 colourpro 400's and 6 martin 218 moving mirrors that were there previously. Because the configuration and fixture numbers had changed we decided to start from scratch and did a memory test to wipe the old information. then we downloaded sequences using the correct rs232 cable to the controller (software version 2.0) with no problem.


Now the sequences work directly from lightjockey all the fixtures are pinswapped but when I plug the same pinswapped DMX cable into the controller we go through the sequences and get absolutely no response from the fixtures for any of the sequences that have been stored.


I havent used fade times or macro's and the download summary shows no warnings or errors.


the only thing I can think of is that its soemthing to do with it being an old controller that isnt configured to work with LJ2......any ideas?


cheers peeps...

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Limited experience with these controllers.


Have you tried un pin swapping them DMX?


Or to put it another way,if you haven't got a polarity reverser in the controller put one in and if you have got a polarity reverser in the controller take it out.

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haha I'm not that dense! that was one of the first things I tried. its the same result either way....the output from the controller is pinswapped exactly the same as the line from LJ....I've tested everything with a DMX tester and only half of the values I've downloaded seem to be coming out of the controller. I've changed controller a couple of times too!


ahh well...I'll figure it out...it has to be something to do with the RS232 cable I'm using!

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